Faith & Doubt

Hey BASIC Community. I miss you all! I just wanted to share a little excerpt from this book I've been reading called "What We Talk About When We Talk About God". I hope it encourages you. The author is talking about the God who is FOR us:

"I was twenty-five years old, just starting out as a pastor and one evening after I'd given a sermon, a man named George walked up to me and told me that I needed to go to an AA meeting. I was totally caught off guard and muttered something about how I wasn't aware that I was an alcoholic. He said that it didn't matter, that everything I needed to know about being a pastor I would learn if I went, and that when it came to my turn to share in the meeting I should simply say, "Hi, I'm Rob, and I pass."

So I went, and it changed my life.

As people went around the room and told their stories, the gears in my mind turned as fast as they could, trying to figure out and name what it was about the meeting that was so different from any other gathering I'd ever been in.

Slowly it dawned on me what it was: I was in a bullshit-free zone.

In that first meeting I went to, people were talking about the first of the twelve recovery steps, which deals with admitting your powerlessness.

Admitting demands honesty.
Admitting requires a ruthless assessment of your condition.
Admitting is what happens when you've hit the wall,
when you have no energy left to pretend,
when you're done playing games,
when you no longer care what other people think,
when you've come to the end of yourself,
when you're ready to embrace the truth that you need help, and that on your own you're in serious trouble because you've made a mess of things.

As I sat there, it was as if I could see, really see, for the first time, just how strong, smart, quick, competent, capable, together, and good we are.

Our need to control how others see us is like a god we've been bowing down to for so long we don't realize it. But in an AA meeting, no one has energy left for that sort of thing. You come face-to-face with yourself as you truly are."

This is me. This is how I constantly am. I try to find the right thing to say. The perspective that is just different enough to get noticed.

I hope and pray that we all can take something from this, be real with one another not trying to impress, but rather admit what we're struggling with and what's really going on in our lives (good and bad).

Much love and prayers from Des Moines,

Paul Fienup
UNI Junior

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