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Today was one of those days where I’m pretty sure I forgot to breathe. I went from class to class, meeting to meeting, wrote tons of due dates into my planner, sent a gazillion texts and emails, and by the end of the day, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted.

After this crazy day, I thought I’d listen to some type of sermon while I showered to help de-stress. I’ve been listening to a set of teachings called Time of Your Life, so I looked to see what the next teaching was. It was titled, At Capacity. “How perfect,” I thought as I clicked play. The buffer video played and just as the sermon started…it stopped (thank you UNI dorm internet). At this point, I was already in the shower and my phone wasn’t within reach, so I figured I’d just deal with the silence. But then I realized that’s what I needed. I needed to simply stop.

We all have these busy days, and sometimes we have them back to back to back. Time escapes us and we feel as if we can’t take on everything on our plate. But as I listened to the silence today, I realized God was reminding me that we need to take a break among our chaos to remember why we are doing the things we are doing. In Andy Stanley’s teachings about time, he reminds us that everything of ours is a gift from God—including our time. When we find our identity in the Lord, we use our time for him. Instead of considering everything on our plates, we release our worries to God and ask how we can be a part of helping with what’s on His plate. And when we do that, we find it a lot easier—a blessing—to experience those chaotic days, weeks, or semesters.

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Cassie Evers
UNI Sophomore

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