The Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard discusses a landowner hiring laborers for the day to work in his fields harvesting grapes. This was incredibly strenuous work, something laborers and slaves had to do to feed their families. They stood out in the square, just waiting for work. If they did not find it, typically they went home to hungry children and a concerned wife. When we come to the end of the parable, the landowner takes pity on the workers who have not been hired— he welcomes them onto his land for an hour to work. When the workers he hired at the beginning of the day are given the same wage as the workers who only worked an hour, they become angry— how is it fair that people who worked only an hour get paid the same as those who worked an entire day? This is similar to God and welcoming people into His kingdom; this parable was actually a response to Peter’s comment asking Jesus “what’s in it for us? We followed Jesus early on and were persecuted for it, what are we getting?” God welcomes everyone the same into His kingdom, no matter how long or how far they have wandered.

It can be difficult to remember this; others seem more dedicated, more worthy in their faith than I do. But God is very clear— all will be welcomed into Heaven, no matter how long we’ve been gone; all that matters is that we come home. God throws a party for those of us who have wandered long and far and return, as He loves all His children the same. We rejoice in knowing God, no matter what, no matter how long, no matter how devoted. “So the last will be first, and the first will be last.” (Matthew 20:16)

We should not grumble as the workers in the vineyard did— we should welcome those new to faith or those who wandered as God does; with open arms. Salvation is through the grace of God and faith, not by good deeds. We can all rejoice in knowing we can be saved simply through belief in God, knowing He is a good God.

Going through college, this can be so hard to remember— it always seems as though all of my friends are doing better than me, in their faith journeys and in careers, grades, and accomplishments. It can be so hard to remember how much God loves me, how much God loves everyone, how Jesus died to save everyone. Such a love is impossible to comprehend, but Jesus did it for us. Remember this as you study for that difficult test, write that paper, talk with your friends you swear are doing so much better than you are. Life is not a competition, and Jesus loves you. No matter what.


*If you’re looking for more information on this parable or others, I highly recommend gotquestions.org!


Kaitlyn Pietan
UNI Junior
Confirmee (this semester), English Education Major & TESOL Minor, Hospitality Team member

Kaitlyn Pietan


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