Trusting God

I have severe trust issues, guys. Like, severe.

Opening myself up to people is extremely difficult. Having been hurt in the past, my mind has become convinced that letting people in is basically asking to get hurt in one way or another. I know this probably isn’t healthy.

Yet, I’ve felt this fear seeping into my relationship with God. After losing friends, facing numerous health problems with my dad, and dealing with the divorce of my parents all in less than a 6-month time period, my trust in Christ has been rough around the edges. It’s hard to put my trust in Him when it feels like He’s throwing everything at me at once.

But I know that’s the point: rough times in our lives reveal how deep our faith truly is.

One of my closest friends said to me once that “God is basically a responsible parent. He’s not going to clean up our messes for us, but He’s going to encourage us to build the strength to persevere through whatever life is throwing at us. He’s not abandoning us, but He’s showing us how to become better people through Him.”

This stuck with me. As Christians, we have a choice: stay where we are and blame God for the bad things we go through or work with Him to grow stronger.

Isaiah 40:31 says, “Those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles.” We need the strength of the Lord to get through our troubles, yet we need to trust that we are strong enough through Him to get through whatever He is placing in front of us; it’s a two-way street.

I am still terrible with trusting others. However, I think God is making it clearer to me that I need to trust that He has given me the strength to overcome any trial in front of me. And although I must follow His will, I am stronger when I walk beside him.

Abby Kraft
UNI Sophomore
Yoga Instructor, Dog Lover, Good Noodle

Abby Kraft

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