Into the Mountains

John 16:33 (NIV)

A week and a half ago, I boarded an airplane headed for Denver, Colorado. I was going to a women’s conference set deep in the mountains, by myself. Something in me stirred as the plane took off that Thursday morning. The addicting feeling of adventure was seeping into my being and was quickly taking ahold of me. I was excited, but in all honesty, I was more anxious than ever before.

I was slammed with tests, projects and papers all before I left (yay college, right?) and a small voice began to whisper in my ear, saying, “Is this conference really worth it? Wouldn’t it be more sensible for you to just stay home? It’s going to be a waste of time anyways.” Slowly, it became easier for me to listen to those thoughts than listen to the parts of my heart that said, “You are inherently brave. You are made for something like this. Get on that plane and go.”

Let me introduce you to one of my oldest and ugliest companions – Doubt.

The thing about Doubt is that he brings me away from Jesus. Doubt distracts me from the finished work of the cross. Doubt reminds me of my past and makes me question God’s goodness.

So, I finally made it to the ranch. In the mountains. In the middle of nowhere. And I didn’t know a soul. Oh, trust me, Anxiety and I were having some pretty intense conversations at that point too.

But what I felt even deeper and truer than the Anxiety and Doubt was the quiet strength of Jesus guiding me along. It was almost so imperceptible that I began to question God’s intentions in bringing me to the mountains if I couldn’t feel Him moving in big ways. But He was there. Soon, I began to feel Jesus lighting a fire in my heart in every moment that I searched for Him.

The funny thing about God is that He always knows what He’s doing. He took my heart that weekend from the dust and He made it into something beautiful. Not pretty, or girlish, or polite – no, He made it into something beautiful, fierce, and unwavering.

He laughed at Doubt, and Doubt left. He laughed at Anxiety, and Anxiety left. He laughed at Numbness, and Numbness left. And when those old companions of mine were gone, it was just me and my Creator. Oh, how freeing that was.

So, what’s my point in writing about this? My point is this: your doubt, anxiety, whatever it is, they don’t scare God one bit. All He wants is your heart and your YES. So, invite your old friends Doubt, Anxiety or Failure to come with you as you run to God. Because believe me, those old friends of yours won’t hang around long when you’re in the presence of Jesus.

Run into the mountains of your heart today, and I promise you, He will meet you there.

Mollie Sherman
UNI Junior
Pizza fanatic, Future Doctor, Book Nerd

 Mollie Sherman Mountains


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