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Sanctuary. It can mean a lot of things. A nature reserve, a park, a holy place, a church, a place of refuge or safety, a shelter. It’s a place where you let down walls, where you cry and word vomit to your best friend, where you let go and dance for Jesus. Who knew you could find a sanctuary, a place of refuge, in the middle of Lang Hall, in a single chair, surrounded by friends and strangers.

I was looking up verses on rest and solitude to find one that could go with this blog; I was becoming discouraged and couldn’t understand why I couldn’t find anything to write about when this is my favorite night. I was turning the pages of my bible, and there, in big, bold words, it said, “I will provide peace in this place.” I immediately thought, well this couldn’t be any more perfect and I began reading about what the context was. The verse is found in Haggai, which is written to the people after the temple has been destroyed in Jerusalem to encourage to continue rebuilding the temple. In chapter two, the Lord spoke to the prophet Haggai to speak to others in the midst of rebuilding this temple that was once majestic and holy. The Lord asked Haggai to ask these people how the temple was before and how does the rebuild look in comparison. He speaks strength into the people and reminds them that His spirit is with them through this process. The Lord continues to speak saying that He is going to shake the heavens and earth and all the nations, so that treasures will come and will fill the house with glory. Verse nine closes with, “‘The final glory of this house will be greater than the first,’ says the Lord of Armies. ‘I will provide peace in this place’ -- this is the declaration of the Lord of Armies.”

Isn’t this what we are doing? Building up our temples to have God speak strength and truth and peace into them? Let this be a reminder to you that even if you feel shaken and broken, God is preparing your heart and rebuilding you for an even greater glory. Maybe the mending of your heart can begin Thursday, in the middle of Lang Hall, in a single chair, surrounded by friends and strangers.

I have had the absolute privilege of creating a space and atmosphere for Sanctuary night with BASIC for the past three years and is one of my all time favorite Thursday nights. I am graduating this December, which means this is my last Sanctuary as a student. It’s a bittersweet night, but I cannot wait for the community that I love so dearly to find peace, rest, and refuge in Lang Hall.

Sydney Hemann
UNI Senior
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What's Happening?:

  • Sanctuary // Midterms are coming. For some of you, they’re already here. Now, you might just need a place where you can rest. This Thursday night BASIC will be providing a place of peace with reflection, prayer, and musical worship as you rest in Jesus.
  • Fall Conference // Intervarsity's Fall Conference is October 5th - 7th (THIS WEEKEND) at the Sunstream Retreat Center in Ogden, Iowa. Join us for a weekend filled with incredible worship, dynamic speakers, meaningful seminars, in-depth Bible study, rest and play! It only costs $90! For more information, email Lindsay McDonald at lindsaymcd15@gmail.com. Click the graphic below to sign up now! #FallConference2018
  • Jamaica Meeting // This Sunday, October 7th, there will be a meeting for the Jamaica Spring Break Mission Trip! Join us at BIGhouse near Orchard Hill Church from 9:30am - 10:30am to learn more about the mission trip and how you can serve others this spring! Feel free to invite your friends! 
  • Haiti/Mozambique Meeting // Looking for more ways to serve? Sunday October 14th Join us at Orchard Hill Church in Room 111 from 10:15am - 11:00am to learn more about two more mission trip opportunities! Feel free to invite your friends!
  • Faith + Doubt  // 8:00pm Lang Hall // On October 11th we are starting a new series! Come join us next week when we begin to explore His-STORY as Juli Camarin kicks off our new series on Faith + Doubt. Bring a friend! #AllAreWelcome
  • Promotions Team // The BASIC Promotions Team is looking for more people to join! Have you seen any of the Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts for BASIC? Or seen the chalkboards around campus? Want to be a part of that? Click the graphic below or email Leah McCune at mccunel@uni.edu to learn more and sign up! #BASICTeams #BASICFam
  • Urbana 2018 // December 27th - January 1st // St. Louis, Missouri // InterVarsity invites you to join over 13,000 students in worship. You'll get to hear amazing speakers, mingle with over 250 missions organizations (both international and global), and dive into the book of Revelation. Click the graphic below for more details! #Urbana2018
  • Life Groups // Looking to get more involved in BASIC? Joining a Life Group is a wonderful way to meet new people and share God’s love! Click the graphic below to sign up for a Life Group in Cedar Falls or Waverly (both on and off campus)! #LifeGroupLove
  • Sunday Morning Worship // Join us on Sundays for church at Orchard Hill, Nazareth Lutheran Church, or Orchard Hill’s campus in Waverly! See the graphic below for service times and worship locations! #SundayWorship

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