Breathing Room

Listening to God is a funny thing. Most people have never heard his audible voice. He doesn’t speak to us in the way that people speak to each other. God’s “spoken” words are more like the actions of a friend, a great sunrise, a rainy day, or a coincidence that seems too perfect to be a coincidence. Listening, and therefore connecting, to God isn’t a coffee date. It does not look like a concrete time and place with eye contact, verbal words and back and forth conversation.

Listening and connecting to God can and does happen during intentional times of bible reading and prayer. However, my experience is that it’s most often subtle. God speaks to me when I’m driving down the road, walking around campus and in the stories of broken people doing good in our world. They sometimes whack me upside the head and are plain as day.

I will never see/hear the voice of God when I’m too busy to notice it. Andy Stanley, an Atlanta pastor, talks about the concept of “breathing room.” He defines this as the space between the pace you’re running and your absolute maximum speed. If you have no breathing room, you won’t see/hear the voice of the Lord. Do you desire to hear/feel the work of God in your life? Delete some things from your calendar, drop a class or take on less extra shifts at work. Then, fill that space with space. This space is for the Lord to show you what it is he’s trying to get you to see.

For some of us, that space looks like alone time. For some of us, it looks like surrounding yourself with some great humans. However it looks, its worth it! About 20 of the leadership team at BASIC were surveyed to see what it is that they do to create space in their lives to connect with God. The results of this are posted here. Try some of them!

  • Sit completely by myself in nature in complete silence. Then, listen for God to speak to me
  • Musical worship at  BASIC
  • Watch sunsets
  • Drives in the car with jams
  • Spend time alone listening to worship music or in silence
  • Fishing, anything outdoor, quiet, nature
  • Dance around my room listening to worship music
  • Go for walks or long drives where I can clear my mind and just listen
  • Bow hunting in the woods. I love that solitary time with God
  • Getting on my knees to pray. I love the physical submittance to reinforce spiritual submittance
  • Talking to God in the car out loud
  • Praise God for the new day on my way to class
  • Meditating on the words of the music I’m singing
  • Lay outside and just take in creation
  • Lay in bed and listen to music
  • Chats with friends over coffee
  • I get up early and write
  • Shoot hoops alone while looking at the stars
  • Go for a walk
  • Journaling, music and hammocking at the same time
  • Take a song I know well and change the words into my own prayer

Derek Kimball
Father, Husband, Coffee lover, and more!


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  • Bible Study // Women's Group // Starting Sunday September 16th from 9:30 - 10:30am// Led by Ashley Jorgensen & Courtney Johnson // Orchard Hill Church// Woven is a 6 week Bible Study by IF that Focuses on God’s plan for using us as disciple-makers, and includes practical steps toward building more intentional relationships in our lives. You can access the study for free online, or can purchase a study book here! Contact Ashely Jorgensen at if interested!
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