Bring It On

My mind is completely blank. Everything I’ve learned in college the past two years seesaws in and out of my brain as if pulled by an invisible string. Once again summer has managed to slip through my unsuspecting fingers, and I find myself trying to make up for lost time. Maybe I should’ve started packing earlier. Probably should’ve organized my sock drawer a little sooner, or checked to see if I had any homework before arriving at school. Oops.

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably quadruple checking your schedule and school supplies (at the last possible minute) because there has to be something you forgot. The bottom line is some of us are far too caught up in the maybes or the what ifs to focus on the here and now that we’re completely forgetting about all the good things going on around us.

And boy are we missing out.

One thing that helps me get through times like this is stopping and taking a nice, deep breath. It allows me a little time to collect myself before I have to move forward. Can we all just pause for a moment and take a deep breath? Ready? Okay.




Feel a bit better? It’s okay if you don’t. Everyone deals with stress a little differently. And that’s just fine. Because no matter what you’re feeling right now, everything is going to be okay. Why? God’s got you.

Just the other day I was looking for Bible verses that might help me get back on track and calm my irritated nerves. What I found was Psalm 46:1. In the verse, it talks about how God is our safe haven despite our present troubles.

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.

-  Psalm 46:1

It actually calls Him “our refuge” and our “strength.” Sure, I’ve heard everyone say this to me thousands of times, but I’ve never needed to hear those words more than I do right now.  

God’s my refuge? Okay. He’s my strength? Alright. He’s my ever-present help when I’m in trouble? Well why didn’t you say so!

There is nothing, nothing, I cannot do without God. So maybe I’m not exactly ready for the school year to begin. So what if I forgot to bring a notebook for a class? Or a folder for work? None of that matters. What matters is God has my back and will help me get through this school year just like He did last year and the year before that.

So bring on the late night study sessions. Bring on the dry pens and broken pencils. Bring on everything you can possibly throw at me because I’ve got God on my side all the time. And as long as He’s with me, I am more than ready.

So bring on Round Three.

Emily Koenig
UNI Junior
Gryffinpuff, Book nerd, Occasional artist

 Psalm 46 1


What's Happening?

  • Kickin’ It Off with BASIC // Kick of the school year with us Thursday August 23rd. Starting at 8:00pm in Lang Hall and ending with a #AfterBASIC party on lawn!
  • Calling all Freshmen! // On August 24th BASIC is hosting an event for all the freshmen. Join us on Lawther Field from 6:00-8:00pm. Invite your friends, and get ready to make new ones!  #NewFriends #BASICFamily #FreshmenRule
  • The Gathering // Once a year, all of the Orchard Hill Church campus locations join together to worship at the Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at UNI. Join us this for this fall’s gathering on August 26th at the 9:00 and 11:00AM services! Stay after the 11:00AM service for a free lunch! #WALKINGTACOS #ALLAREWELCOME
  • Picnic with Naz // Join us Sunday August 26th from 5:00 - 7:00pm at Nazareth Lutheran Church! We’ll have free food, a dunk tank, inflatables, music, games & more! Invite your friends! All are Welcome! #Community #NAZ #BASICFamily
  • Outdoor BASIC // On August 30th we’re headed back out to the Lawn! Come join us at 8:00pm outside Lang Hall for music dancing and more! Don’t forget to bring a blanket and a friend! #OutdoorBASIC #DanceParty
  • Welcome Week // Welcome back to school everyone! We hope you’ll join us for all of these awesome events. If you want to find more information about BASIC, check out or follow @BASICATLANG on facebook, instagram, or twitter!

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Dream Your Best Dream The Gathering August 26th

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