Fighting Distractions

Have you ever been in a class where you know you’re supposed to be paying attention but can’t? Maybe the room’s too warm and the lights are dimmed to the perfect napping conditions. Or, perhaps, there’s a big beautiful window across from where you’re sitting and you just can’t help but stare out into the calming, chaotic world outside. I want you all to take a moment to think back to a specific time where you were in this sort of environment. Imagine the lights. The temperature. The thing you focused your attention on the most. Close your eyes and remember that moment. 

Can you see it? Good.

Now remember what the lecture was about. Can you recall any specific details from it? Not what was going on in the power point slide, but what the teacher was actually saying. Most of you probably can’t. You’ll probably find that you missed out on the important things you were supposed be learning in the lecture. Why? Because you were distracted.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in your distraction. Even people in Biblical times found themselves distracted from the important things. In Luke 10:38 – 42 we see how two sisters, Mary and Martha, listen to Jesus’ teachings. Mary continues to sit by Jesus throughout the whole time he’s with them. Martha on the other hand, takes it upon herself to serve her guests instead of listening to Jesus’ teachings. She becomes distracted by the little things within her environment instead of focusing on the one thing that is far more important than anything else she could be distracted by.
Like Martha, I often allow myself to get distracted by the little things in my environment. School. Friends. Social media. The list goes on and on. The more distractions I add, the more I can feel myself letting my faith take the backseat in my life. This is especially true during the summer time. When I should be listening to the teachings of Christ, I’m staring out the window watching the beautiful chaos ensue.

So how can we combat distractions?

One way is to get involved. Join a Life Group, a book club, or something else that can help stimulate your learning and exercise your faith. Becoming a part of a community is the best way to do so. Another thing you can do is take notes over the sermons you listen to. It may seem boring, but even just writing down the three most important points of the sermon, you’ll have something you can reflect on when the distractions are at their worst. It’s something I haven’t done since middle school, but if it means fighting off my distractions, it might just be worth it.


Emily Koenig
UNI Junior
Dog lover, art enthusiast, author in training 


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  • THIS WEEKEND // On June 30th you can join BASIC on a day trip to Decorah for just $10. This includes lunch, a tube float down the Iowa river, and transportation. Contact Andrea Pingel at to reserve your spot! Click the graphic below for more information! #AllAreWelcome
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  • Take a Trip to Pella // Jet skiing, fishing, kayaking, swimming, and more! Invite your friends to come hangout at this free event. Contact Derek Kimball at to reserve your spot! #SummerAdventures
  • Missing BASIC? // Don't worry! BASIC is all summer long! Check out the graphic below for details!
  • Want to get Involved?// Fight distractions by coming together as a community. Join a Life Group today!
  • Urbana 2018 // December 27th - January 1st // St. Louis, Missouri // InterVarsity invites you to join over 13,000 students in worship. You'll get to hear amazing speakers, mingle with over 250 missions organizations (both international and global), and dive into the book of Revelations. The registration price goes up on July 1st, so make sure to register as soon as possible! Click the graphic below for more details! 

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