Sanctuary in the Desert

Hey guys. Hi. Hello there.

Summers are a funny thing. And not to be pessimistic, but I’m not really a fan. I find this particular season exhausting -- there’s just so much to understand: Ice cream is at its most vulnerable, yet also in the highest of demands, pumpkins are growing, but we’re not allowed to flavor lattes with them yet, and black skinny jeans with sweaters aren’t received by society very well.

But now that I’ve thoroughly given my two cents on the season we’re all in, listen to this relevant gem here while I do the same with the season that we’re individually in.

Currently, I’m paying a visit to a place where I tend to find the idea of our God a little unfathomable, or perhaps, doubtful. If you take a second, you can probably think of a similar place in your own life, whether it be a state of mind, or a physical place. I’m certain you’ll recognize it, but if not, just hit rewind until you find the part where there’s a lot of staring into space and questions you won’t ask yourself.

That place--I’m a frequent visitor.

Jesus, this is the part where I stop talking to you, and I get up early on Sundays, so I can catch my reflection, and watch myself stay home again this week, too. This is the part where I don’t know where my Bible is. It’s not gone, it probably just fell under the bed a few weeks ago, and I haven’t bothered to reach for it yet.

When David wrote Psalm 63 in the desert of Judah, there were probably a thousand other places he’d have rather been. We can probably relate, because as Christians we’ve all kind of capitalized on the desert as a symbol of despair. The place without water, where everything just really sucks.

Where is your desert? Are you there now? Or maybe on your way? Whatever the case, answer this: How long is your stay?

David’s body is giving out in the desert. He’s a king that has suddenly become very little. He’s scared. And he stares into space a lot. Still, he writes this:

“I have seen you in the sanctuary
and beheld your power and your glory.”
(Psalm 63:2)

David’s body is giving out in the desert. And yet he recalls a time in which this wasn’t the case. A time when he was in the sanctuary, with a great and powerful God. And suddenly, he remembered that not one person ever said that the sanctuary wasn’t mobile.

Screw the desert.

This is not the time to forget what God's done before because you’re skeptical of what He can do now.

So until the next Thursday evening on campus, if you find yourself in the desert, take a second to assess how deep you are in the sand--then establish and put in the work that is needed to get back to a new place--one where you’re confident in the water your great and powerful God will bring. The one where you have enough strength to know that you’re already in the sanctuary -- with God.

Bre Knight
BASIC Prayer Team Leader 
Dog lover, chai tea addict, A.A. Milne enthusiast.



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