The Hallway in Lang

a couple thursday nights ago, i was at BASIC. and i usually sit on the left, in the front row, four rows in, but this night i chose to sit by myself in the back. i was feeling kind of sad and was looking forward to simply sitting and listening to stories from spring break.

once the final story was shared, the band started the intro to the song “reckless love” and i was PUMPED. i’m honestly someone who is constantly worried about those around me and i was really really ready to focus on me and Jesus.

and then. out of NOWHERE -- i had to go to the bathroom. so bad.

it was almost as if my insides were screaming: BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER.

i tried to convince myself to hold it -- cause honestly i’m pretty good at that.

but then it happened again: BLADDER BLADDER BLADDER.

i told myself that if i ran fast that i could make it to the bathroom and back before the end of the first verse of the song. so i sprinted.

and i went to the bathroom. and i noticed the faucet was left on…THAT’S WHY GOD HAD ME GO TO THE BATHROOM. #savewater #savetheearth

jk. but i did turn off the faucet. and i walked out of the bathroom.

and at the SAME TIME one of my pals was walking out the other bathroom.

he’s name was jack** (changed name for confidentiality reasons).

and i could tell that something was up. and that he wasn't okay.

long story short, jack and i ended up sitting in the hallway in lang. he told me about some really really hard family news that he had just found out and he hadn’t told anybody yet. he was honest. and real. it was definitely a conversation that the Holy Spirit knew that we both needed.


jk. but in all seriousness…

it is so powerful to take a step back and see how God’s timing is always perfect. (Isaiah 55:8-9) sometimes it might not make sense to us (aka: needing to go to the bathroom on the middle of your fav worship song). but, He is always up to something. He knows the bigger picture. and He knows exactly what each of HIs Children need (aka: a honest conversation in the middle of BASIC in the hall of lang).

soooo….here’s my encouragement:

pay attention to the little nudges that God puts on your heart. whether that’s to walk a different way to class or to call your mom or to bring your classmate a donut or to sit in a hallway with a friend.

and then engage in conversation. ask people how they, God's Child, are doing. tell them that Jesus cares about them.
or tell them that you, God's child, are having a hard day. that you need to hear some Truth. that you need a hug.

God works in the most unexpected, beautiful ways, friends.

pray that He would nudge you in new way today and then share stories of what He does!!!!

kristin sauerbrei
post-grad, enneagram type 2 wing 3, culver's cheeseballs eater (join me!!)


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  • ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT // Thursday, April 19 at 8pm // Lang Hall // Erica Fernandez, a senior communications major, will be teaching about how Jesus calls each of us! Challenge: bring someone NEW -- your group project members, your roommate, your coworker.
  • HIGH SCHOOLERS // All high schoolers are welcome to Picnic on the Porch and/or BASIC. What an INCREDIBLE way to experience what it can look like to continue your relationship with Jesus in college!!
  • FREE SUPPER // Thursday, April 19 at 6:30pm // 604 W. Seerley // BASIC students are opening their home to FEED YOU egg bake, toast, fruit, and juice. Plz come.
  • SERVING AT A NURSING HOME // Saturday, April 21 at 9am // Click here to see how a few hours of your time can share God’s love with the folks at the nursing home!
  • FREE LUNCH // Sunday, April 29 after 10:45a service // Orchard Hill Church // Picnic Party and BBQ. You will want to be there. ‘Nough said.
  • FREE DONUTS // Sunday, April 29 from 10 - 10:45a // Nazareth Lutheran Church // Start off finals week by hanging out with Sara Rockow and Kristina McBurney in the Fellowship Hall between services!
  • URBANA CONFERENCE // December 27-31 // St. Louis, Missouri // You don’t want to miss this. Incredible musical worship, speakers, and atmosphere. INVITE ALL YO FRIENDS. (Scholarships available! Email Tate.)

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