The Hero in Your Story

I am a lover of stories. For so long I have sought out stories of joy and beauty to be my place of refuge when I was in places so opposite of that. But when I entered worlds of hard, broken stories I wanted to flee those worlds because it reminded me too much of my own brokenness. For so long I would run as far as I could from my brokenness, my heartache, my mental illness, and my pain. I thought at those times that I was running away from darkness and towards Jesus, but recently God has been calling me to seek Him in those hard places.

When I read the Bible I seek for God in those stories as the hero, because I already know He is there. Sometimes I can’t find Him right away and I have to trust that He is there, but He is always in every story. The Bible is filled with stories just like our own, and because of that we can trust that we have a hero too. Romans 8:31,37 tells us that we have a loving God who fights for us so that we can come out of the battle more than conquerors. We don’t have to flee the battle to find Jesus, we can leave the battle as something even bigger than conquerors because our hero is already in the middle of the battle fighting hard for His beloved child. When we learn to stop running and to be still, we give God the space to move in big and miraculous ways. Sometimes it can be hard to see Him, but when we are in a battle we are always creating a hero somewhere in that story. If you let anything other than God be your hero, the battle just becomes more daunting and you allow yourself to carry too big of a weight on your own shoulders. We were never meant to fight alone, so seek Him with everything in you and let Him be your hero.

As a girl who loves stories, I need to learn to love my own. And I need to learn to not only know Jesus in my story-but to know Him as the hero. We need to fall in love with all the broken pieces of our story; the beautiful pieces that we don’t even know are broken, and the pieces that are so broken they knock us down and physically hurt us. We need to fall in love with all the broken pieces because that is where our God, our Hero, is.

Emily NIckel
Life Group Leader
UNI Junior, Elementary Education Major, lover of Starbucks



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  • JUDGING OTHERS #ufffta // Thursday, February 22 at 8pm // Lang Hall //  Join us for for fifth week in our Sermon of the Mount Series! Sara Rockow will be guiding us through Matthew 7:1-6. BRING A FRIEND!
  • GAME NIGHT #afterBASIC // Thursday, February 22 from 9:30 - 11pm // Lutheran Student Center (On the corner of University and College St). Heard there are loads of games happening, FREE FOOD, lots of laughs, Banana-grams--- plus more! It'd be a GREAT event to invite someone to, especially someone new!  #monopoly #snacks #friendship
  • ALERT: DONUTS & FRIENDSHIP // Sunday, February 25 from 10 - 10:45am // Nazareth Lutheran Church // Sara Rockow and Kristina McBurney wanna hang out with YOU and eat donuts this Sunday in the Fellowship Hall at Naz. Be there. Also -- join us for the 9:00am or 10:45am church service! Email if you need a ride!
  • WE WANT TO SEE YOU MORE THAN ON THURSDAY NIGHTS // We hang out on Sunday mornings too!! Join us at Orchard Hill Church or Nazareth Lutheran Church. Worship times are listed on graphic below!
  • RAISE YO HAND IF YOU HAVE SOCIAL MEDIA // @everybody. BASIC is in need of awesome humans to join the PROMOTIONS TEAM. You know all of the facebook posts, instagram posts, tweets, and chalkboards? Yeah, YOU can be a part of making that happen!! Click the graphic below or email Leah McCune at to learn more and sign up!!
  • LOOKING AHEAD // NEXT Thursday, Derek Kimball will finish our Sermon on the Mount series! Sanctuary (an entire night of musical worship and stations) will follow on March 8. AND THEN IT'S SPRING BREAK PEOPLE. #holla #clickonthatpinklink #itisworthit #noregrets

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