From Lament to Hope

 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you Hope and a future.”  - Jeremiah 29:11

Hope. It’s such a broad word. One that can lead you in so many different directions through life, all depending upon where you place your hope. It’s safe to say we all hold something dear to our hearts and that’s where we put our hope. Whether that's money, sports, grades, friends or even family, there is always something that we, as sinning Christians, occasionally hold to a higher value than God.

At the beginning of my freshman year in college I had never felt more hopeful. I found that hope in a sport. It had been my dream for so long and had taken me to this place. My hope was in the impact it was going to make in that coming year and throughout my future. My heart felt full. But as the year went on my hope began to vanish and along with the only thing that I put my trust and my hope in, basketball. I became injured and after visiting my doctor I was told that it was going to be the last year I would be able to play competitive basketball. I was forced to give it up.

Denial hit hard. Why would God take something away from me if he knew how much it meant to me? But he had a plan that I could not see, because my eyes were never set on him. At the time I couldn’t see anything happening for the good, but I can assure you now that God was not only aware, he was at work. As my final moments of playing the sport I grew up loving came to a close, hopelessness consumed my mind and filled my heart. I couldn't picture my life going in any other direction other than playing basketball in college, but that path no longer existed.

Lost. Broken. Hopeless. These were what now defined me. Why, God, Why? Why do you take everything from me; everything “we” worked for. I repeated these words over and over for months.

Finally one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I took the pain and feelings of failure and brokenness and turned them over to God. Falling on my knees I asked God for nothing other than Hope. Hope for my present situation, for my future, and Hope for only his perfect plan for me. I repeated these words daily to remind myself, “God has my best interest even when I’m blinded by the world and my own path.”

A couple months ago, I never thought I would be in the place I am today. I’m at a school I never saw in my future, involved in a ministry that has helped me grow my relationship with God, and with a heart that has never felt more full and on fire for Christ. All because I put my hope in the one thing that will never leave or fail us. Hope that I found in Jesus Christ only. For only Jesus Christ can fill your heart truly full.

In the midst of my hopelessness, God found me and filled me.

Friends, God sees your struggles and pains and he never leaves your side through any of them. If your “perfect plan” for your life was a ‘no’ from him, don’t lose your faith. Keep trusting because he's just redirecting your path to focus your eyes on him, on something greater. It is never too late to find and put your hope in Jesus. Find that Hope in Christ, let him fill your heart, and slowly watch him transform your life.

I would have loved to know the beauty God was creating in my life during my brokenness. I would have dropped my plans right then if I knew where he was taking me, but I guess that's the beauty of it. It’s letting God in, when you don’t want to. It’s letting God control your path when you have never felt more unsure.  I have no doubt that  Abraham felt unsure when he was told by God to sacrifice his son, Isaac. But he trusted and had hope that God would provide, and he did. That hope, that faith of letting God in during your brokenness is beautiful. That hope is transforming. Without knowing how it will, I pray you let it in. I pray you let that hope in God transform your life.

Lord, Help me to put my faith and hope in You and not the situations of life.  Transform my life according to your plan.  The plan that you promise will give me a hope and a future.   Amen.

Sarri Happel
UNI Sophomore



What's Happening?

  • NEW SERIES // Tomorrow, Thurs, November 2 at 8pm // Lang Hall //  After a series about lament, Jeff Mickey is going to share about the HOPE that is found in the book of Matthew.
  • BASIC IN WAVERLY // This Sunday, November 5 at 8pm // Vineyard Community Church, 319 W. Bremer, Waverly // Not only is there going to be free pizza at 7:00pm, but Olivia Pederson will be sharing her story and Jeff Mickey will be bringing home the message! Come one, come all!
  • FREE LUNCH // Next Sunday, November 12 after 10:45 service // Orchard Hill Church // Cheers to an early Thanksgiving Feast. ALL ARE WELCOME.
  • SPRING BREAK // Mission trips to Des Moines, Haiti, or Jamaica are offered through BASIC. See contact information on graphic below to learn more!

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