today is the beginning of something new for most of us. whether that be starting college for the first time, beginning a new internship (@ me), finally diving into classes specific to our major, looking for jobs, etc. it can seem really daunting to look at the semester ahead. maybe even a little exhausting or fearful or stressful to think about all that will happen between today and december 15th (to be exact).

earlier this year i was reading the book “looking for lovely” by annie f. downs (#highlyrecommend) and what she had to say shook me:

“there is a correlation, i’m finding, between beauty and perseverance. it feels like beauty might be the knots in the rope you are climbing, gas stations along the cross-country journey, the water stations strategically set up on a racecourse. beauty is what makes it possible to keep going.”

boom. there it is. so let’s compare this next semester to a cross-country road trip. at the beginning, it may seem like a thrilling ride to get from one place to the unknown. but, it’s also going to take perseverance. it’s going to take hard work. it’s probably going to take some late nights and early mornings. you’ll also have to make many little rest stops along the way--- to eat, to go to the bathroom, to sleep, to go on a walk, to fill up with gas, etc.

so let’s be honest with each other. this journey this semester is going to be hard work with lots of unknowns and stress. it’s going to take perseverance and late nights and early mornings. but, God knows this journey better than we do. He knows the rest stops that we each individually need to go from august to december. from today to tomorrow.

for me, it looks like stopping to notice the beauty of a flower on my way to class, or replenishing my heart by making time to get a coffee and be honest with a friend, or simply acknowledging the fact that it is a gift to go to college, or allowing myself to cry, or going to bed an hour early to get some needed rest, or spending some time in the sun to just be still.

psalm 46:10 --- be still and know that i am God.

how can you be still and acknowledge the rest stops of beauty in this fall 2017 road trip? and how can you be intentional about stopping yourself and seeing our alive, present, active God in this new journey that you are beginning today?


What's Happening?

  • FIRST NIGHT OF BASIC: 3 DAYS (Thursday, Aug 24 at 8pm). Lang Hall. BASIC and a party on the lawn for opportunities of how you can get involved this year!
  • Join a Life Group: Jesus lived His life with a small group of followers and taught them, challenged them, encouraged them and sent them into the world to repeat! BASIC desires to follow this same model through Life Groups (small groups) that meet weekly in order to read the Bible together, encourage one another, and simply do life together. Sign ups will be available at this link SOON with a variety of Life Group options including: women, men, co-ed, on-campus, off-campus, etc. Life Groups will begin the week of September 11th.
  • The Freshman Event: Friday, Aug. 25 at 6pm // Seerley Park (corner of W. Seerley Blvd. & Iowa St.) Grilling, games & bonfire. Connect with the BASIC community & other freshman! ALL ARE WELCOME!
  • The Gathering Worship Services & Free College Age Lunch: Sunday, Aug. 27 at 9am & 11am // Gallagher Bluedorn (UNI Campus). FREE lunch outside on the lawn following the 10:45a service.
  • Nazareth Picnic: Sunday, Aug. 27 at 5pm // Nazareth Lutheran Church at 7401 University Ave. FREE food & music!
  • Outdoor BASIC: Thursday, Aug. 31 at 8pm // Lang Hall Lawn. FREE mini donuts to the first 500 students!!
  • Questions: Email for directions, rides, and any questions about any of the above events!

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Location & Time

We meet on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Lang Hall at 8pm when school is in session. Click here for location & directions.


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