Planting Seeds

Spring is a time for revival. A time to plant the seeds of new life and watch it grow. If you’ve ever had a garden, taken a biology class, or paid attention to the world around you, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen how different plants and animals are able to thrive in different types of environments, yet are unable to grow in others. In fact, certain types of environments can even be damaging to the life that is planted there. The same thing can happen with seeds of faith.

In Matthew 13: 1 – 23 Jesus tells a parable of a sower who plants seeds of in a variety of different environments. Some of the seeds were thrown in soil that was too shallow so that the seeds were far too visible for prey or grew too quickly and were burned by the sun. Others were choked out by the weeds that had taken root before them. Only the seeds that were planted in good soil, the seeds that were looked after and well cared for, were able to thrive and bring new life to the land they were planted in.

So how can we find “good soil” to plant our seeds of faith?

The “good soil” Jesus is referring to in these passages is the foundation of our belief in Christ. I wish I could tell you exactly how to find good soil, but sometimes places of good soil might look different for different people. The most important thing is that you continue to seek Christ throughout your journey of growth and encourage others to do the same in their own journeys because faith can’t flourish without a good foundation. A good place to start is going to church and getting involved in church activities. This could be going to BASIC, joining a Life Group, or working on service activities. Once you feel comfortable enough, you can help others plant their own seeds. This might also consist of participating in service activities or going on mission trips to help reach others who are trying to find Christ and plant their own seeds of faith. What better way to work on spiritual growth than in a season associated with growth?

A lot of you are making your way through your first week of classes for the Spring semester. Maybe you’re excited about coming back and seeing all of your friends, maybe you’re wishing you stayed home, or maybe you’re like me and are excited to be back at BASIC, but are a little nervous about how the semester is going to unfold. No matter what you’re feeling right now, there is always an opportunity to work on planting seeds of faith because faith can always grow year-round.

Emily Koenig
UNI Junior
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Matthew 13 1 23


What's Happening?

  • Parables// 8:00pm Lang Hall //  Come join us this Thursday as we kick off our new series on parables! This week Carter Moore will lead us in a discussion about the Parable of the Sower. Bring a friend!
  • Free Brunch!// Sunday January 20th // Join us for brunch after the 9:30am service at Orchard Hill’s Waverly campus for a free college-aged brunch! Come for service and stay for food! Don’t forget to invite your friends! #FreeFood
  • College-Aged Lunch// Join us Sunday, January 27th after the 10:45 service at Orchard Hill Church in Cedar Falls for a free college-aged lunch with all of your tailgate favorites! Bring a friend and bring your appetite! #BLESS #Eat
  • Never Thirst // Join the movement to raise $10,000 for a fresh water well in partnership with UCI in Bohoc, Haiti. Click the graphic below to find out how you can donate. #NeverThirst
  • Production Team // Do you have a passion for working with video/audio/lighting equipment? Are you interested in learning more about production or being part of a production team? Well, you’re in luck! The BASIC Production Team is looking for more people to join! Click the graphic below or email Ben Franke at to learn more and sign up! #BASICTeams #BASICFam
  • Super Bowl Party // Join us at Orchard Hill Church on Sunday February 3rd for our very own Super Bowl party! There will be food, games, prizes and more! Doors open at 4:30pm, and kick off is at 5:30pm. We hope to see you there! #SuperBowl #AllAreWelcome
  • IF Gathering //  What if women of all ages gathered together to share their stories and talk about Jesus? Come join us February 8th - 9th at Nazareth Lutheran Church for a weekend of listening to speakers, eating, sharing, and being honest. For more information, click the graphic below, or check out the IF Gathering’s facebook page for the Cedar Valley!
  • Life Groups // Looking to get more involved in BASIC? Joining a Life Group is a wonderful way to meet new people and share God’s love! Click the graphic below to sign up for a Life Group in Cedar Falls or Waverly (both on and off campus)! #LifeGroupLove
  • Sunday Morning Worship // Join us on Sundays for church at Orchard Hill, Nazareth Lutheran Church, or Orchard Hill’s campus in Waverly! See the graphic below for service times and worship locations! #SundayWorship

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We meet on the campus of the University of Northern Iowa in Lang Hall at 8pm when school is in session. Click here for location & directions.


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